Feb. 2011

As 2011 is in full swing, we wanted to tell you where we are and our plans for the future. 

Firstly, a note from Jen: 

Hi Folks,

I wanted to tell you that I have retired from GEG.  This was a difficult decision, and one certainly not made lightly, but it is the right course. 

I have been so fortunate and privileged to have worked with Dwayne, Eric, Brett & Paul, and they are like my brothers.  It was amazing to be able to go to work with some of my favorite people - laughing, sharing, and feeling so much together.  Knowing each of them has been such a blessing.

I want to thank all of you folks for sharing your time, as you’ve been an integral part of what has made this so special.  I wish you all abundant joy, peace, and good fortune, and hope to see you at a GEG show in the very near future! 

Thank You!



While we are sad to see our 'sister' leave the realm of GEG, we are truly happy for her new path. Her words are mutually shared by all of us. 

We are also excited, though for what the future brings!  We are recording and writing again and are working on that now.  Also, we will be playing live April 2 at Tin Angel in Philadelphia.  We have asked Lindsey McKay to join us as we move forward with our music.  We wish that you all come out and welcome her...You all have been so supportive through the years and we hope that continues as we enter our next phase.


Dwayne, Eric, Brett, and Paul.