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Would you like to have Grey Eye Glances perform at your home?

Then read on...


The Grey Eye Glances
House Concerts!


GEG has played dozens of exciting and successful House Concerts in NJ, PA, RI, OH, VA, NH, IN, MA, and more.  They were very well received, a lot of fun for the band, and requests come in all the time for GEG to do more of them.  If you would like one in your house, read the info below and then contact us.


What We Do:

1. Jen, Dwayne and Eric arrive with all necessary sound equipment.

2. We hang out, mingle, eat your food, drink your grog, pet your cat, move your stuff around, etc.

3. We play two 45-minute acoustic sets with a break in between.

4. We video tape the concert and make a DVD for the host.

5. We sell our CDs and action figures to your guests.

6. We play Twister, Charades & party ‘til the cows come home... (cows not included)

What You Do:

1. You gather together 20 or more friends, family and co-workers.

2. You select a location with enough room for everyone, adequate parking, electricity, and indoor plumbing. (average sized living rooms are fine).  Some people who have access to community rooms have used them as well. 

3. You give us a list of your favorite songs.

4. You contact us to set up a date and make arrangements.

5. There are costs involved, which may vary depending on where you live.  You may choose to sponsor (pay for) the whole party yourself, or you can charge a cover, ask for donations, or have a pot luck party to offset some or all of the expenses.



Just e-mail us back and someone from the band will contact you to discuss scheduling and other details.

Thanks, and we'll see you at your place!



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