grey eye
photo gallery


We are excited to have a very cool photo gallery!

Neat things you can do include:

1) You can SEARCH the gallery using the following keywords:

dwayne, jen, eric, brett, or paul.

2) You can rate the photos.

3) You can email your favorites to friends

4) You can UPLOAD*  your own pictures!

We are excited to see what pictures you have.  
We know that some of you are great photographers!
Please only upload really good ones.  
If you want to put them through Photoshop and make us look even better that's OK too. 
Once you upload them, we will either accept or reject them, as we see fit.  It will probably take us a little time to get to them, so don't be upset if they're not posted the next day.

To upload pictures you need to login as follows:
username: guest
password: guest
then click "Album List", and select the "GEG Fan Uploads" album,
then click "Upload Picture".

Click here to enter the GEG Photo Gallery!

*If you do, you realize that these may be made available to the general public.  You waive all rights to these pictures, meaning we can do whatever we want with them including, but not limited to, printing them onto coffee mugs and selling them.  If a news agency sees one they like, they probably can too.  We do promise to give you credit for the picture while it is displayed in our gallery, if you request it.


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