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This list is by no means complete, and we apologize for any omissions.  
Really, we support all of these people, and they support us as well.
Please support your non-commercial radio stations and streams.

Places to hear Grey Eye Glances online (feel free to request us here!)

WXPN - Non-commercial radio from the University of Pennsylvania.  Great live stream.

WNCW - Non-commercial radio from Spindale, North Carolina.  Great live stream.

WTMD - Non-commercial radio from Towson, MD.  Great live stream.

FM Odyssey - Very cool syndicated radio show.  They stream at

Radio Paradise - very cool streaming radio station.

WYCW - Non-commercial radio from Grand Rapids, MI.  Great live stream.

People we do business with

Ox and Company - Graphic Design of "A Little Voodoo"

Jim Graham & Chris Meck - Photography on "A Little Voodoo"

Mobius New Media - Great friends of ours who designed and maintained our website through 2002.  They also took a lot of the concert photos displayed on this site.

Gant Travel - GEG's Corporate Travel Agency.  They are all fans.  
We have performed at their corporate retreats many times. - A new service that lets you send 6 CDs a year as a gift to someone.  Selected tracks from GEG Live will be sent in September, 2004.

Annodam Day Spa and Seedlings Salon - Get you hair cut and hear GEG music from some of our biggest fans.  We also played the Grand Opening of their Seedlings Salon (for children).

People We Support

The Parkinsons Alliance - Help find a cure for Parkinson's disease.

Amnesty International -  Support Human Rights around the globe.  Amnesty International

Other Artists

The MacVitties

Brave The Day

Echolyn - Brett Kull and Paul Ramsey are also members of Echolyn.

Brett Kull - And THis is Brett's home page, where you can get his solo album.

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