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About: A Little Voodoo

We released our 2002 release, A Little Voodoo, independently.  Two of our previous albums, Eventide and Painted Pictures were on the Mercury label (a division of Universal Music).  We decided that we wanted more freedom to promote and tour behind this album than we have had in the past.   We ultimately raised the money from fans who became investors in A Little Voodoo in a private offering.  We wrote over 50 songs and whittled the list down to 17.  Then we made a demo of these and sent them out to a wishlist of producers.  We didn't know if any of them would be interested, and we were thrilled when we found out that they all wanted to have something to do with this project.  So we decided to let each of them pick a few songs that they were interested in, and recorded a few songs at a time with each production team.  We met a lot of great people, learned a great deal about production, and created what we think is our best album yet.  We hope that you agree.


Track Listing

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