grey eye



geg live(2003)

A Little Voodoo(2002)


Painted Pictures (1998)

further on... (1994)

Songs of Leaving(1993)

If I Was... (2000)

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album price #
A Little Voodoo $9.99
GEG Live $11.99
further on... $11.99
If I Was $9.99
Songs of Leaving $11.99
One Day Soon(1998 World Cafe recordings
+ "Our Own Place and Time, a Christmas song"
+"One Day Soon" remixes)
Eventide (CD temporarily out of stock, please download at iTunes or $12.99
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Specialty Items
Specialty items are available by contacting the band directly.  
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Painted Pictures



On Christmas Night single  (with Big Red Boat/acoustic)



Big Red Boat single  (These are extras of the single sent to radio stations.  Radio, live, acoustic, and club mixes)**



Unreleased Songs 1992 - 1998 *



Unreleased Songs 1998 - 1999 *



Live Double CD *  (Triple Threat Theater, Cherry Hill, NJ)



"A Story To Tell" a book by Dwayne Keith, based on the lyrics of Grey Eye Glances



"A Story To Tell" a book by Dwayne Keith, based on the lyrics of Grey Eye Glances



GEGPod (This is your choice of Apple IPod, autographed by the band, containing all of GEG's released CDs (Limited Edition CDs not included), and a lot of other special remixes.  If you order a video GEGPod, it will even contain the GEG Big Red Boat Video!)   Contact

* limited editions, 300 signed and numbered copies of each printed.
** while supplies last

T-Shirts, Bumper Stickers, Books, and more!
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T-shirts, Hats, Clocks, Infant clothes, Mugs, and more!

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